In 2011, eight years ago today, Prince William married Catherine Middleton. I was there, stationed at the Duke of York monument, during CTV’s live broadcast. It was pretty f-cking awesome, seeing that carriage coming down the mall, on time, like military precision, surrounded by thousands of people, and at no point feeling unsafe. And I often feel like when there are that many people around, some drunk idiot called Phil will get into a fight over some other dude called Brock looking at his girlfriend the wrong way. 

So after eight years, and three children, how are Will and Kate today? Well. That question is maybe poorly timed. Because lately the gossip about House Cambridge has been about … you know. It’s a perfect time, then, to remind people of that fairytale day: 


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You know how social media messages have been a marker for celebrity gossip? Like when it’s Taylor Swift’s birthday or when she drops new music, people pay attention to which one of her friends are posting congratulations or leaving messages in the comments? Is it the same with royal gossip now that House Cambridge and House Sussex and other royals and households have their own IG accounts? 

Last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left a comment on the Kensington Royal IG wishing Prince Louis a happy birthday. This is petty AF but… will there be a similar comment about the anniversary? Kate and Harry stepped out together in a show of unity on Thursday, finally a good look in response to all these reports that the two houses aren’t getting along. And also… if there’s no response, and it’s widely thought that it’s Meghan who runs the House Sussex IG, does that mean she’s too busy today because she’s in labour? Lord, imagine the petty ass headlines if she does go into labour today of all days.