Princess Beatrice is engaged to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. They’re been dating eleven months. Edoardo is being described as a “property tycoon”. That’s how the British media are referring to him. Question for “property tycoons” – are you mad at the “property tycoons” who came before you, because I feel like the gave “property tycoon” a bad name and a sh-tty reputation. On the list of trustworthy professions, where would you rank the “property tycoon”? 

Edoardo isn’t just a “property tycoon” though. He’s also a count. I guess “property tycoons” are often titled. Historically it makes sense? He and Beatrice are expected to marry next year, making Beatrice stepmother to Edoardo’s two year old son, Wolfie. Here’s the announcement:

And more engagement photos taken by Beatrice’s sister, Eugenie, who was married last year at Windsor Castle, just a few months after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: 


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LOL at the strategic hand placement to show off the ring. I mean, I get it, you want to show off the ring. But these hand poses are hilarious. I prefer the shots of Beatrice and Edoardo that he posted on his IG:


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Professional photographer, quite editorial, but no ring. So it either happened before Edoardo proposed or they hadn’t gotten the ring yet. That said, the tone of these black and white shots is probably not the tone favoured by old-timey pearl clutchers in England who are used to how things are done and shown. It’s important right now for Beatrice and her immediate family to not get too creative about their good news because, well, you know, it’s good news. It’s the best news right now, a great distraction from the other business. Prince Andrew is going to dine out on this engagement for as long as he can. How much say it Prince Andrew going to have in this wedding? He’s been known to want nice things. To want nice things for his daughters. One of his daughters was married at Windsor Castle. It’s not like his eldest daughter can get married at the community centre. Probably St George’s Chapel again then? And as much fanfare as possible? It’s really his wedding too.