Princess Catherine stepped out last night at the Victoria & Albert Museum, where she is a patron, to tour the photography exhibit. Kate, as we know, is an amateur photographer and in the past her portraits of the children and Lupo – WHERE IS LUPO!? – have been released to the public. I wonder if she’s like us with her phone, if she’s constantly taking pictures or video of them when they’re eating or sleeping or playing or when Big G is practising ordering executions. 

This was Kate’s third appearance since coming back from maternity leave last week. And we’ll see her tomorrow at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. I wonder if they front-loaded her schedule deliberately – have her come out of the gate hard, because of course, as we know, the British tabloids have often referred to her and Prince William as “work shy”. They have three kids though. I mean, in my eyes, they’re always working. The work doesn’t stop. There are three of them!

Maybe now that there are three of them, she actually WANTS to go out more. I hear this often from my friends who are parents, although they’ll remain anonymous because the mom police will sh-t on them for not wanting to be with their children every minute of every single day. 

Moving on to less thorny topics – I was quite surprised to see Kate in this off-the-shoulder Erdem. Not a recycle. Not a neckline we’ve seen on her often either. It’s very flattering. Well within her wheelhouse but also feels like an update, non? We’re going to see this one again, guaranteed. In a year or two, for sure. I wonder what we’ll see her in at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. I’m predicting that it won’t be new and that it won’t be all that remarkable so as not to take away any of the attention. Unlike Eugenie’s sister, Beatrice, and that fascinator back when Kate and Will got married. Will Beatrice envision herself the Pippa of this wedding? How much do you care about this wedding?