Catherine of House Cambridge is a patron of the National History Museum and she visited today to highlight the wildlife protection work at the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity. This is a great outfit. I like the colour combination – oxblood and olive – and I like that she’s been ever so slightly updating her style. This is the year that Kate went for the culottes. We’ve seen her wearing them a few times now, it’s a new era. 

Her top is from Warehouse, the pants are Jigsaw, the shoes are Tod’s, and the bag, if it’s not obvious, is Chanel. There is no such thing as an affordable Chanel bag. But look how the Daily Mail described it on their main page (around 10am ET):



The headline when you click on the article is that she is the “Queen of the high street!” adding later that she’s carrying a bag valued at £3K. Which, yeah, I mean it’s Chanel. And she’s a princess and she can afford it. But …

If it was Meghan of House Sussex walking around with a Chanel bag, would they be leading with the word “thrifty” and not pounding the point that her sh-t is expensive? Please. 

Anyway, here’s my favourite photo of Kate from today: 


Not only because she looks great and relaxed but because of the pose, however unintentional. It’s the hand on the hip – not a stance we typically see from royal women but here it suggests a casual comfort in her role, and adds to her charm. Pretty sure no one’s going to be complaining about this either.