On her second and final day in Denmark, Kate Cambridge visited Forest Kindergarten and spent time outside with educators and children, learning about the development impact on students when they can learn outside of conventional classroom settings. She’s making headlines today for again talking about how “broody” she is. This is not the first time – both she and Prince William have joked about what happens when she’s around babies. And at one point yesterday during her time in Copenhagen, she admitted that, "It makes me very broody; William always worries about me meeting under one-year-olds. I come home saying, 'Let's have another one.' "


After hanging out with the kids in the morning, Kate then met with Denmark’s Queen Margrethe and her daughter-in-law, Crown Princess Mary. Queen Margrethe is celebrating her Golden Jubilee this year. After spending time with the Queen, Kate and Mary then walked along the Amalienborg Courtyard over to Frederik VIII’s Palace for a private lunch. It was a showcase of heels on cobblestones. That would have been my worry. These two are professionals at it, given their titles and how often they’re out in the world having to perform and in Europe it’s cobblestones everywhere but also, when can we give them a break with the heel requirement? It’s 2022, there are so many stylish – and safe! – footwear options that are cobblestone proof. Like an oxford or a loafer and it doesn’t even have to be totally flat. Gucci’s been making a classic women’s loafer forever with all kinds of height variation that will never not be fashionable. Here are a couple of examples on Jennifer Aniston that would 100% have worked with both of both Kate and Mary’s outfits. I’ve been looking for these white ones for a year and they never come up. But I’m also not royalty. One phone call and it can happen: 


The second is almost always in stock and, again, they’ll never, ever go out of style: 

Obviously, there’s way more than just Gucci and if I wanted to turn this into a oxford or loafer recommendation post, I’d be able to give you at least 25 options. There are options at every price point! So can we free princesses from the stilettos on cobblestones?! If Kate can’t free herself from the curls and the waves, can we at least liberate her from the pumps?