Princess Kate: back to work

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 2, 2018 15:47:03 October 2, 2018 15:47:03

Catherine Cambridge returned today from maternity leave for a visit to Sayers Croft Forest School and Wildlife Garden today, meeting with children who are learning about their local community and the environment. As you can see, she was greeted very warmly by the kids. Check out this spontaneous hug and Kate’s affection in return:

I wonder if Big G will make his mother go through a decontamination chamber when she gets home.  Christ, mother, you can’t just be letting commoners approach you like that. You’re putting me at risk. 


This is Princess Kate’s first official work assignment since March, just before giving birth to Prince Louis aka Trey. There was a baby there today, seven months, and apparently when she saw the infant, she “cooed”, remarking that they were “almost the same age as my little boy”. 

Kate spent an hour with the children, planting seeds and looking for bugs. She said she does the same with Big G and Charlotte at her place. 

Kate’s return to royal duty is making big headlines. The Daily Mail dramatically called it a “Comeback”.
Probably no one is happier about that than Prince William. There is only one first family, OK? And there is only one future Queen Mother, seen here looking really, really smart in her old riding pants and boots under a nice sweater and a patterned shirt. I love this shot of her arriving and walking up to make her greetings. She looks so relaxed and casual, so ready to be back in the game. 

This shot of her with a little girl who clearly can’t get enough of her though - Big G must be mortified. 


Wenn, Chris Jackson/ WPA Pool/ Mark Cuthbert/ Getty Images

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