Holy sh-t. This might be the most exciting hairstyle of the year – mostly because of the person with the haircut. Check out Charlene Serenity, aka Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco with her kids, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, giving out gifts today. Normally the babies are the focus but not this time! 


The focus is the hair and how she’s buzzed off half of it, like she’s channeling Tilda Swinton. On Tilda Swinton, obviously, this hair wouldn’t be a big deal. But we’re talking about a member of a royal family here, basically what Monaco considers to be their Queen. And I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a member of any European royal family with a hairstyle that is this badass. A reader called Michelle just emailed me and called her Princess Furiosa, LOL. I wish I came up with that one. Whatever you want to call it, it’s definitely not Serene. 

And it looks like …she loves it? 

I know her face is covered in that mask but I’m looking at her eyes. I’m seeing happiness in her eyes. I’m seeing that sparkly gold mask and the way she’s looking at the children and smiling through her eyes looking at the cameras and Charlene Furiosa-no-longer-Serenity is feeling herself. Charlene is LIVING! 

Do you think she consulted with anyone before doing it? I like to imagine she didn’t. I like to imagine that the woman who wept on her wedding day has no more f-cks to give in her royal palace and will do whatever she wants with her hair, even if it means buzzing half of it off. The British royals could never.