The BAFTA red carpet was closer to the kind of red carpet we’ve seen in the past but by no means the spectacle it used to be. Still, they actually had one, and there was a good turnout, and the fashion kind of reflected these hybrid times too – one foot still in the pandemic, the other trying desperately to move beyond it. This is where we find Priyanka Chopra in my favourite BAFTA look of 2021. 


The BAFTAs are basically the British Oscars. It’s usually a major gala event, like gala enough for the ballgowns to come out. Doesn’t seem like we’re quite at ballroom stage just yet but without the ballgowns, maybe there’s more space for creativity. 

In Priyanka’s case, it’s a pink embroidered bolero, buttoned up at the neck and then left open with high waisted black waist-banded pair of pants cut to look like a skirt when she stands with her legs together. It’s a GREAT silhouette on her. And I like this outfit much more than her second: 


This is a nice dress, for sure. But I don’t think it’s as imaginative and fresh as the pants. The ponytail, for me, works better with the pants fit too. 

Surprise. Another award show, another best dressed celebrity, and it’s the work of Law Roach. And he described the inspiration – a “kiss to South Asia”:


You know what I would ask Law if I could? He tagged Wolford on his post, and I did notice the tights she’s wearing underneath the pants. Which you can really only see on her feet. I would have preferred no tights and ankle skin so I’m curious why the tights? Maybe it’s just me, I hate wearing pants over tights so I’d rather go no tights all the time. I also find pants generally hang better without tights because they don’t “catch” material-to-material. Not sure shapewear needed to be a factor here either. But he’s the image architect so I want to learn from the master – what added value are the Wolfords to this outfit?