Dear Gossips,   

First of all, she was seen this weekend. And by she, obviously I mean Beyoncé. That alone is newsworthy. She attended the WACO Theatre Wearable Art Gala this weekend, in support of the organisation co-founded by Miss Tina and Richard Lawson that amplifies Black art and promotes the work of emerging Black artists. 


Beyoncé showed up with Blue Ivy and Jay-Z. She wore Gucci, a strapless mermaid gown with a sequined star bust. 

And she allowed people to see that she was being seen. Julius did not block the shots!

My kink is watching people react to seeing and meeting Beyoncé, like this: 


Zach is calm compared to how I would be if I was allowed to be in Beyoncé’s presence. They would have to resuscitate me and I’m not sure they would be successful. Like imagine posing for a photo with Beyoncé – and Blue took the shot!!!

Kalen Allen was also blessed by the Queen: 


And this is my favourite tweet, because it’s about Julius. 

If Julius doesn’t block you from approaching Beyoncé, you know you have done something right with your life. Kalen is a new person now. 

But the gifts don’t stop there. Because the Queen has given us reason to live for 2023. A TOUR HAS BEEN CONFIRMED FOR 2023. This is not a drill! The alarm is ringing! Check in on your bank account. It is time to start saving!

Beyoncé on tour was one the auction prizes at the Wearable Art Gala. 


The package reportedly eventually went for $50K. 

So, yes, Beyoncé is bringing Club Renaissance to us next year. And I love the flex in the confirmation that there will be a tour. Not a press release, but at Miss Tina’s party, during the auction, knowing that the news would be immediately shared on social media. 

Now we just have to wait for the official announcement of the dates and stops. But remember, make room in the budget for merch. The merch for this tour in particular is going to be legendary. 

Yours in gossip,