Here’s a cute, quick little royal story. 

The Queen, no doubt, like all grandmothers, adores all her grandchildren. And it would be unfair to say that she has favourites, just because we have our favourites. She is, for example, quite close to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie even though that doesn’t make headlines. Prince Harry makes headlines though. And Her Majesty, we know, is very fond of Prince Harry. He’s the one who went from f-ck-up scamp to most popular, representing her around the world with charm. I’ve been talking about the goodwill Harry has accrued with his grandmother and how he’s cashed that in. 

Check out what popped up on Twitter this morning – a letter from the Queen, which is a formality, but the wording is pretty adorable: 

My Most Dearly Beloved Grandson. 

That’s the closest she’ll come to gushing. 

She did the same for Prince William although the possessive pronoun was slightly different. For William the Queen wrote: 

''Our Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales…”

You want to start some sh-t though? 

The Queen’s letter of consent for William and Kate’s marriage read like this:  

''Our Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, K.G. and Our Trusty and Well-beloved Catherine Elizabeth Middleton''.

Trusty and Well-beloved!

Meghan didn’t get any adjectives! No “trusty” and no “well-beloved”. What does it meannnnnn?! Does it mean anything? 

Remember, there are people who save their correspondence, keep records of the sh-t they write and say. For reference. Her Majesty for sure would have asked to review what she wrote for William, right? So as to make it fair, right? And maybe she decided not to give Meghan an adjective so as to make sure that Kate, who will be Queen, is kept in higher esteem? 

No. Adjectives. 

Royal shade? 

This wasn’t so cute or so quick after all. 

Attached - Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth over the years and Harry speaking at the Veterans' Mental Health Conference today in London.