Over the last year and a half or so, Celine Dion has maintained a pretty low profile. She’s also cancelled shows - and not just because of Covid. Celine had previously revealed that she’d been having some health issues but today is the most specific she’s been about exactly what she’s enduring. 


Celine has been diagnosed with a rare condition called Stiff-person Syndrome (SPS). She’s been having spasms. The spasms affect her ability to talk and to move. Obviously the priority for her now is to focus on healing and there’s no doubt she has the resources to access the most advanced care. Hopefully her medical team will be able to figure out the best treatment options for her case. And not so that she can tour and perform again - but so that she can live again. This is about quality of life. This is about being able to be present with her children, with her family. 

As Celine says though, singing is one of the great joys of her life. And Celine only knows how to sing and perform one way - with allllllll the feelings. She is expressive, SO expressive, extra expressive. It’s her gift to us! We are all feeling it when Celine is feeling it. This is why she is the Queen of All Feelings. She expresses not only with her voice but with her entire body. The faces she makes - from goofy to serious to sad to happy to confused to silly and all the way back around again, oftentimes in a single minute - and the wild gestures and the lunges and …everything. Celine uses every part of herself to share, to communicate, to give. Even in this message, even though she is not well, she is still more expressive than most. Today she is expressing heartbreak and fear but determination and hope. This is the note she ends on - she’s declaring her commitment to recovery, and in doing so she’s asking us to believe in that energy, to believe that eventually she’ll be back, her arms soaring like wings, to match the soaring of her voice announcing her return. To the stage, to the sidewalk during Paris Fashion Week, to the spotlight where she belongs. Until then, our hearts go on for Celine! May the Queen of All Feelings feel better soon.