Every time Quentin Tarantino talks about “retiring” after directing ten films, I roll my eyes because this dude is never going to retire. Just like Steven Soderbergh, he will “retire” and then keep right on working. Oh, maybe he’ll direct a nice, round ten original feature films, but he’ll keep directing like, episodes of television and adaptations of other people’s work. Preliminary evidence: QT is currently sitting at nine original feature films directed, and he is now in talks to direct some episodes of the Justified revival, City Primeval. He’s still working, but it doesn’t count toward his total.


Obviously, I love this. It reunites QT and Timothy Olyphant, who is returning as Raylan Givens, the coolest cat on TV, and also worked with Tarantino on Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood. But also, Justified is loaded with Tarantino references, you could always feel the imprint of his work on the show. The most obvious example of this is the season four episode “Decoy”, an hour of tight, tense storytelling with clever crooks, sardonic heroes, and, for an episode rife with action, also has lots of characters sitting around talking while trying to kill one another. “Decoy” is an outstanding hour of television, just look at this stand-off between the sidekicks:


This is not the first time Tarantino has directed episodes of television. He directed the superb ER episode “Motherhood”, as well as a couple episodes of CSI and, randomly, an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! However, it’s been nearly twenty years since he’s done any TV. I am super into seeing what he brings to the medium in the post-prestige era, in general, and specifically to the revival of my all-time favorite show. Anyway, was this all a ruse to post a clip from Justified? Yes, of course. God, I miss Gutterson. He better show up in City Primeval.