We haven’t been getting much Emma Stone content these days. She keeps a very low profile and it’s not like she was ever the kind of celebrity to be thirsty for attention and pap walks all the time. Now that she has a baby she’s even more undercover.


But here she is with husband Dave McCary yesterday in New York wearing that Amazon coat that everyone’s been talking about for the last few years. The cultural lifespan that this jacket has had is amazing. It has maintained its relevance longer than certain celebrities. 

As for Emma and her downtime – that should be ending this year because Poor Things will reportedly finally be released. The film wrapped production in late 2021 so it’s not really a question of it being ready but about when is the most ideal time to come out with it. There was a rumour last month that it would be coming out in December but nothing has been confirmed officially. 


December though means that the studio has some confidence here for perhaps an award-season run. I know, I know, we’re still deep in the current award season and it’s too early to be talking about next year but I bring this up because Poor Things reunites Emma with Yorgos Lanthimos and given how many nominations The Favourite brought in, the assumption is that Poor Things will also, likely, be a factor for Oscar, especially with the cast that includes, in addition to Emma, Willem Dafoe, Mark Ruffalo, Ramy Youssef, Jerrod Carmichael, and Margaret Qualley. Also the subject matter – apparently this is a take on Frankenstein, except the monster is a woman. 

Poor Things seems like it for sure will be a festival entry. Perhaps Cannes, if they want to generate early momentum, or Venice, if they want to take the path of The Favourite. Of course Emma will feature prominently – magazine covers, appearances, interviews, all of that work is coming.