There was a time on this site when we were big on Tom Hardy. And by “we” I think it’s just me. Any time I could get a Tom Hardy post on the blog, I would take it. But it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Not that I’m not interested, I am, but probably not as interested as I was, which is probably what he prefers anyway? 


Tom Hardy is not that kind of celebrity. Tom Hardy does not want or need us to know what he’s doing at all times. He didn’t come roaring out of lockdown after COVID restrictions were lifted to update us on his post-COVID body; he didn’t burst out of the gates after the strike ended and show up on every red carpet he was and wasn’t invited to. Sarah keeps talking about some motorcycle movie he’s in with Austin Butler and I can barely remember what it is, what it’s called, and when it comes out because he’s been so undercover. 


So it was not on my bingo card to see these shots of Tom Hardy, in London this week, shooting an ad for Jo Malone, but here we are. Tom looking rather terrifying, actually, in a grey sweater and pea coat doing a commercial for a fragrance. I don’t know what this is supposed to smell like but all I feel is intimidated. And I actually use Jo Malone fragrance! Jo Malone happens to be my go-to scent right now. I bought a bottle in Macau a couple of months ago – it’s called Wild Bluebell, I love it. Not overpowering, but light and fresh, I’m already halfway through the bottle. Now, I guess, I’m associating it with Tom? 

Anyway, this is for those of you who are still thirsting for Tom Hardy. He’s apparently hanging out with two people dressed in metallic gold and silver and I really hope he doesn’t fight them, because he’s big on the professional fighting thing right now and the expression on his face is really fighty – am I supposed to want to buy cologne when it looks this scary?!