The Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire press tour has begun. The title is a lot, but the cast is very good-looking, and it’s always good to see Sofia Boutella on a red carpet. (Go Fug Yourself)


The only gift guide I am interested in, shopping for men over 50. My dad is impossible to shop for! He always says he doesn’t want anything, won’t tell me what he needs, and doesn’t like any of the same things I do except baseball, and I have already given him every baseball-related gift there is. I am in need of dad gift inspiration! (Popsugar)

Wild speculation that Travis Kelce will propose to Taylor Swift on her birthday next week. Here’s the thing—he’s a competitor. He’s a TOP TIER competitor. I don’t think he’s going to distract from his own season, especially as the Chiefs are on another Super Bowl quest, like that. It’s one thing to date a famous person while living your life and going about your job, it’s something else entirely to turn your life into a circus in the middle of a high-pressure professional situation. IF they get engaged, it will be during the off season! And she would totally understand that competitor’s logic, because she’s a competitor, too! (Celebitchy)


Sophie Turner was caught making out with Peregrine Pearson in London. In case you forgot, he’s the legit British aristocrat—heir to the Viscount Cowdray—that Sophie has been seen with before. Their latest outing included handholding, kissing, and leaning. Hopefully, she’s enjoying herself. No British aristocrat gives off “f-cks good” vibes, but neither does Joe Jonas, so I hope, for Sophie’s sake, this is an upgrade. She deserves to have fun! (Page Six)

Food fraud! Authorities in Italy and Spain arrested 11 people for selling 68,000 gallons of olive oil that was deemed “unfit for consumption”. I have gotten into olive oil over the last few years as I seek other ways to flavor my cooking than salt, and now I wonder if I’ve been cooking with adulterated EVOO. Probably not, my favorite brand is from California. But still! It’s an underground illegal olive oil ring! Not quite “great Canadian maple syrup heist” territory, but close. (New York Times)