We’ve been living in a post Michael B Jordan + Lori Harvey world for a couple of weeks now. PEOPLE confirmed their breakup and it sounded at the time like he was ready to go to the next level but that’s not where she was at in her life yet. Lori scrubbed MBJ from her socials pretty much right away but it took MBJ a little longer. When the news first broke, you could still find tributes to their love on his Instagram. Now he’s taken all that down too. 


And he’s back on the scene. MBJ was photographed leaving Delilah on Sunday night in summer single shape wearing a white tank and showing off his arms. That said, it can’t have been all that wild because he drove himself home – which I’m very much into. He might be sad but he’s not hitting-the-club-every-night-getting wasted sad. Let me make the gossip assumption then is that he’s processing this split in a healthy way. 

As for Lori, while MBJ’s single arms are on display, looking for someone to fill them (corny as f---ckkkk, Lainey!), she’s got her single abs out, seen here after meeting some friends at San Vicente Bungalows. Lori’s been relatively quiet on her IG feed lately but Twitter was trying to rumour that there’s something happening between her and Jack Harlow. I don’t know if I buy this but I don’t know if I don’t buy it either. It’s summer, people are horny, not everything has to mean something. I can see what Lori could do for Jack… but I’m not sure what Jack could do for Lori. And Lori’s doing just fine for Lori on her own.