Reese Witherspoon was seen shopping with son Deacon yesterday in New York. She also posted an “almost end of summer” carousel that included both Deacon and his younger brother Tennessee: 


As for her look yesterday, it’s giving back to school mom. In her case, the beginning of September was supposed to be back to school and back to work. It was announced back in June that season three of The Morning Show would premiere on September 13. Reese posted about it on June 29: 


This is a show with a big name cast. It’s Reese and Jennifer Aniston and Julianna Margulies and Billy Crudup and so many more – and Jon Hamm is joining. With the first two episodes scheduled for release in less than a month, we would typically be seeing some promotion for this by now, and for sure right after Labour Day the cast would be fully mobilised for interviews and red carpet appearances. 

SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP, however, haven’t met since the actors’ union called the strike on July 14. So if they’re not even talking about when they want to resume talking, it seems highly unlikely that the strike will be over by the long weekend. Which means that none of the actors will be promoting anything. 

And, at least in my opinion, The Morning Show needs the press. Because I totally forgot about it until now. I hadn’t even watched the trailer that dropped two weeks ago until just this morning. 



Reese and Jennifer were very involved in press for the first two seasons. We interviewed them on both The Social and ETALK. Those are the two, understandably, that you want out there fronting the show. 

So it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll go as we get closer to The Morning Show’s currently scheduled release date.