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One of the added bonuses of Regé-Jean Page hosting Saturday Night Live was that Ego Nwodim had more to do – perhaps why she was one of the people seen out for dinner with him and Lorne Michaels last week? Ego showed up in the opening monologue, was featured first in a digital short, played a talk show host in the British actors and accent and was generally used much more effectively than we’re used to seeing. Same goes for Chloe Fineman. And it’s not like I don’t enjoy Kate McKinnon because Kate McKinnon is one of the best performers to come out of SNL but it doesn’t means she has to carry all of it.


As for Regé-Jean, for someone who is just beginning his ascent, and for whom this spotlight would have been a major opportunity to showcase himself, considering he’s relatively new at this level of fame, he crushed it, right? Playing on his new swoon status right off the top of the show and dialing up the cheese factor was a great look and, most importantly, he seemed relaxed and not super dependent on the cue cards through the episode. And the writing, I think, reflected. Not every sketch worked, obviously, but they tried. They played with new ideas. (I particularly liked the “drivers license” one.) There were more opportunities for ensemble sketches, Bad Bunny was involved in one of them. And if the writers enjoy writing for you… he should be invited back for sure, right? 

Speaking of Bad Bunny, I wrote last week ahead of his appearance as the musical guest that he and Rosalia are sexy as f-ck together in their video for “La Noche de Anoche” and if you saw them together on SNL, I mean, I can’t be the only one shipping this situation. He has a girlfriend, so I’m not saying I’m hoping for a scandal. I just can’t take my eyes off them. When their faces started getting closer and closer towards the end of the song, I started leaning closer and closer to my television, to the point where I held my breath, and when they were right up against each other and didn’t seal it, well, I’m just saying it added to the overall horniness of the show. 


Seems like I’m not alone on this: 

I welcome any and all fan fiction, thank you in advance. 

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