Last year Regina King did an interview with Variety and she was asked what it means to her, in this stage of her career, her 30 year career, to be getting the parts she’s getting, the nominations, the awards, the hype, and the SHINE. I loved her response: 

“It’s interesting because if you would have asked me this question a while ago, I probably would have done something to deflect and not own up to the fact that I’ve worked really hard, and that I can say that I do deserve to be here without feeling like I’m being an a–. I say that with all the gratitude that the universe has. I say that with all of that in my heart. I think that’s what happens a lot of times with women, we deny ourselves the opportunity to receive our flowers because we want to be humble, we want to not seem like we’re unappreciative of the moment. But you can appreciate the moment and recognize that you worked hard to get there.

That’s the reason why people like Serena Williams are so inspiring, because she demands her respect. Who gives a f–k if you don’t like the way she yells when she’s hitting that ball, or the way she stands up for how she feels about a point being taken away, or reminds you of what she’s been through throughout this whole ride of their careers, or reminding you just what the Williams sisters alone did for the tennis community. She deserves all that she is receiving. It’s because of women like her, it’s because of women like Ellen Pompeo vocally saying, “I appreciate the gifts, but I also worked hard for it. I didn’t just sit back and they just landed in my lap. Blood, sweat, and tears brought me here.” So now, when you ask me that question, I can say, “Actually, yes.” I deserve to be in this space.”

I deserve to be in this space. To her point, it’s hard to say out loud. It’s even harder to believe it, especially if you’re a woman. But she believed it last night in Palm Springs where she received the Chairman’s Award for her performance in If Beale Street Could Talk. Please, if you can, please see this beautiful film. It is a masterpiece and she delivers a masterful performance that, so far, is nominated for a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Award but… not a SAG Award. It’s one of the biggest SAG snubs of the year. Because Regina and Amy Adams are considered the two frontrunners for Oscar Best Supporting Actress. But, according to the trend, your chances for Oscar are better when you win the SAG. 

Didn’t seem like that would be a problem for Regina King last night. As Joanna and I have been saying all day, Palm Springs is a rehearsal for the Globes, and the Globes are a rehearsal for the big show, the Oscars. Regina was so f-cking charming last night, in a room full of Oscar voters, that it may not be a problem at all. She gave love to the Beale Street team, she did promo for the film, and in the end, she expressed gratitude for the opportunities she’s earned and for being recognised for the work she’s shown. “It just feels good being Regina King” is how she closed her remarks, delivered sweetly but also confidently. Because, indeed, she knows that she deserves to be in this space.

She also deserves to be on the Best Dressed List because this black and white dress, with a one-shoulder cape, is a perfect, perfect appetiser for what’s to come on Sunday. To watch Regina’s speech last night in Palm Springs, start at the 1 hour 11 minute mark here