Renee Zellweger’s been making headlines this summer because seemingly out of nowhere she and Ant Anstead confirmed that they’re in a relationship – and they haven’t been hiding it. The two have been papped quite regularly, and they don’t seem to be bitching and moaning about it either the way some celebrities do when their romances are on the radar. Then again, if we’re talking about celebrity couples, and Bennifer’s not complaining, it’s not like Ant and Renee are anywhere near that kind of intrigue and public investment.  


I don’t know anything about Ant and his reality show origins. My interest here is what Maria has already alluded to when she posts about them in Celebrity Social Media – which is that for a reality star, social media is vital to their brand and popularity maintenance. Sharing moments from his personal life is actually part of Ant’s work…but it’s never been part of Renee’s work. So it’s going to be interesting to see how they manage to keep that separate, if they do at all.  

That said, I’m not here to talk about Renee’s love life. I’m here to talk about her clothing, specifically her commitment to cargo pants. Because it’s been over a decade!


Renee is one of the celebrities I associate with a pair of cargo pants that were a style obsession back in 2010: the J Brand Houlihan, a skinny fit cargo. Remember?! EVERY celebrity had a pair of these from Renee to Charlize Theron to Rihanna to all the Jessicas and every Kate. They were papped multiple times a day. They were constantly on back order. J Brand couldn’t stock them quickly enough. Here’s Renee in the J Brand Houlihans in June 2010:  

Renee Zelleweger in NYC with Bradley Cooper's family in 2010
Renee Zelleweger in NYC with Bradley Cooper's family in 2010 (Photo: Splash News)

(Gossip Nostalgia PS: she was dating Bradley Cooper at the time and these shots were taken when she was out with his family.)  


All these years later and while Renee may not be wearing these particular cargos anymore, she remains steadfastly devoted to the cargo in general, as you can see here in these new shots of her with Ant in Laguna Beach this weekend. Cargos, a grey henley, and Converse. It’s her uniform. I respect that.  

As for the skinny cargo? It’s coming back. Or maybe it never left? I haven’t worn mine in years, and I’m not super excited about the idea of putting them back on since it’s been 18 months of joggers-only living but they’re on their way back for fall, allegedly. I kept mine because they’re actually good for fall weather golf and if you kept yours too, you might want to dig them out in a few weeks.