There have been celebrity quarantine romances all over the place. Now, for a change, here’s a celebrity quarantine breakup. I mean I don’t know if it actually happened because of quarantine but if you’re a couple and you’re not together during quarantine, it can’t be easy. So Adele is single for quarantine. That doesn’t mean she’s alone during lockdown, just that she’s not romantically involved during lockdown. Or maybe she is, maybe there’s someone new in her life. Maybe it’s Brad Pitt, because why not. Let’s start that rumour. (Dlisted) 

Remember the mid-2000s? The fashion? Remember how low the pants were? The first person who comes to mind here is Britney Spears, right? They’re saying that low rise pants are coming back – if we’re ever allowed out of the house again. Before you go ahead and order a pair, hoping to wear them this summer, please revisit this photo gallery and seriously consider the life choice you are about to make. (Go Fug Yourself) 

A very good question: what does Jennifer Garner think of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas and their daily walks? (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m taking this as good news. We need at least one bit of good news a day right now. Even though we’re all physically distancing (we are, right? This won’t end if we don’t!), the RBG is still working out. If she’s well enough to work out, it’s a good sign. (TMZ) 

Have you been Zoom-ing? How many times a day? Too many times a day? What is your Zoom identity? I’m a multi-tasker…but on mute. (The Ringer)