Dear Gossips,

As we near the imminent end of another decade, which I am not ready to acknowledge goddamn it, Pitchfork released its list of the 200 Best Songs of the 2010s yesterday and naturally, people are fighting. Some people are happy and surprised but the whole drama of these kinds of lists is to yell about what you agree with and what you don’t agree with. Lady Gaga fans, for example, are pissed that she isn’t mentioned, not once. 

There is very little objection, however, to the fact that Justin Timberlake isn’t mentioned, not once. And he released three albums in the 2010s. Justin Bieber made it though – twice. For “Sorry” and “Where Are U Now”. 

The Queen appears on the list five times, and she cracks the Top Five with a song in the fourth position. That one shouldn’t be a shocker. But I didn’t expect “XO” to show up on there. “XO”, as I have said, is in my Beyoncé Top Three. And it feels like a deep cut – it has never been in heavy rotation and she performs it so rarely. 

Then there’s Rihanna who shows up four times on the Pitchfork 200, with “Work” in the highest position at #15. We’ve been waiting for new Rihanna music, waiting a long time. She’s not ready with that but she did announce yesterday that she’s releasing The Rihanna Book, a “visual autobiography” featuring a thousand photos, most of them never before seen. Here’s the trailer – this is where your money is going:

Finally, while there are so many disagreements about Pitchfork’s list and what should have made it and what shouldn’t have made it, how the one song we can ALL agree on that landed in the third spot? 

Yours in gossip,