In case you were wondering, Rihanna’s still a brilliant business woman. The singer, if we’re still using that as her identifier, launched her Fenty Skin brand earlier this summer and while I’m sure she never imagined promoting it during a pandemic lockdown, she’s still selling her wares where she can (and selling them out). Her latest move involves former flame/current friend (?) A$AP Rocky. 


After splitting with Hassan Jameel at the top of the year, rumours almost immediately swirled that RiRi reunited with Rocky. They were first linked together after collaborating back in 2013 and sources quickly shot down the idea of a rekindled romance back in January, confirming that they’re just “hanging out.” Hanging out on each other’s arms at The Fashion Awards, for example.

Rihanna, wanting to promote her gender neutral Fenty Skin products to men, doesn’t grab her brand ambassador Lil Nas X, she chooses one of her other ambassadors, A$AP Rocky. If people are going to gossip about whether or not you’re in a relationship with someone, you might as well have them mention your product in the same sentence. He interviewed her for Vogue, and she interviewed him for GQ. Condé Nast said ‘give us Rihanna and we’ll gladly give you two of our most popular platforms to promote your cleansers.’ 



“What’s your last purchase under $20?” Rihanna asks Rocky. “…Condoms? …Are those under $20?”

That’s just a sample of this flirty interview. A lot of the comments on YouTube are saying Drake will cry went he watches this. Listen to A$AP Rocky talk. He has a great voice. That swagger isn’t there in the same way when he talks to men. Their friendship has definitely become extra friendly in the past, but is that romance there right now — what do we think? Rocky says it’s difficult to focus when he works with Rihanna. 

“I think the hardest part about working with you is just not goofing off and laughing the whole time. Like, this sh-t is comedy. That’s the hardest part. You know, we such peoples. We so cool, it’s just hard not to laugh, that’s all. But it was fun. The hardest part is not having too much fun…” 

While flirting, they manage a little skin care talk, touching on how our culture doesn’t teach boys to care for their skin, and most don’t realize how import it is until later in life. Which I have to say sucks because skin care is a years long game of trial and error. But of course, hawking products doesn’t stop the flirting full stop. 


Rihanna: “What is your skin type?” 

Rocky: “Handsome.”


Some of the flirting, I think, is purely performative. It’s part of Rihanna’s plan. Another reason she picked Rocky for this promo is because she’s trying to advertise to straight men. We’re in an era where straight men caring about their physical appearance is becoming more acceptable, and a lot of young women have come to expect it, but the guys posting face mask selfies on their Instagram stories have already bought Rihanna’s product. She wants to appeal to a bigger audience: the straight men who still need convincing that cleansing and toning doesn’t compromise their sexuality. That’s where Rocky comes in. An attractive, cool rapper who’s religious about his skin care routine and dates women like Rihanna. In fact, we’re being told his good skin is one of the reasons he can date women like Rihanna. 

Rocky: “We find out as we get older girls love men with manicures and pedicures and stuff like that… Is skincare a big thing when it comes to women?”

Rihanna: “Women always love men with good skin… We enjoy men that take care of their skin, their nails, because it says a lot about how they’ll take care of themselves and the people around them.” 

Buy Fenty Skin and you too could date Rihanna. You don’t need a slogan when the marketing is this good.