Rihanna and Rocky spent New Year’s in Barbados. They’re now back in LA and were photographed out for dinner last night. Of course she wore pumps with her sweat pants. It’s a good look for the select few, especially when the sweat pants are oversized like hers. It’s one with when it’s a taper jogger, entirely another when there’s bulk to the pants. Tracee Ellis Ross has done it well, but like I said, it’s high degree of difficult reserved for people like Rihanna who operate at the highest level. 


So another year and Rihanna and Rocky are going strong. It was two years ago around this time that it was confirmation that she and her previous boyfriend, Hassan Jameel had broken up. Just weeks before that, Ri and Rocky attended the Fashion Awards together in London so when the news that she and Hassan were over came out, it was assumed that RiRi and Rocky were a thing – and they were. They spent practically all of 2020 together; they were together for much of 2021. And now they’re heading into their third year officially as a couple, a power couple. 

But for Rihanna fans, where January is concerned, it’s never her love life that’s top of mind. January 28, 2016 was the date her album ANTI was released, considered to be the best of her career, and one of the best albums, period, of the last ten years (in my opinion). Since then, her Navy has been waiting, impatiently. There is a remote to zero chance that a new album will be out this month. Which means it’ll be six years and counting since Rihanna’s given us new music. 


Well, it’s not like she doesn’t have other things on her mind. Rihanna announced a few days ago that she’ll be opening five Savage x Fenty stores: 


Savage x Fenty has done VERY well online. Now they’re moving into retail space… and in these COVID times. I’m really curious to see how these stores are going to do – and if they’re successful, how quickly they’ll expand. The risk is obvious, with brick-and-mortar trending on the decline for years. But there may be an upside for Rihanna’s business. As just mentioned, Savage x Fenty has been a smash hit with online-only sales; people have bought the products without touching, without trying. And now they’ll have the opportunity in person. Will that be the difference? Rihanna and her investors obviously believe it. And when Rihanna’s in business, she’s all IN the business. There’s no half-assing it, she’s present, she shows up often in-store and at events for appearances; before COVID, for her makeup line, she was right up in there doing makeup application for her fans. So this is clearly the priority. Which means… no album, not yet. Still. Not yet.