Rihanna was first seen with her boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, in late June while they were on holiday in Spain. Kathleen wrote about those pictures. What she didn’t tell you in that post was how horny those pictures made us. Seriously. That was some filthy kissing. Filthy as in hot AF. What, would you like to see again? It would be my pleasure to show you:

When those photos were released, it was a surprise. Because up to that point Rihanna had managed to keep her relationship with Hassan really quiet. Supposedly they’d already been dating for about 6 months. So it makes sense that since then, we haven’t seen Rihanna with Hassan. Until last night, in London, where they were papped leaving Chiltern Firehouse, although they tried to hide under an umbrella. You can see the side of Hassan’s face mostly covered by Rihanna’s hair in one of the shots.

I don’t remember Rihanna being this level of Leonardo DiCaprio with a boyfriend, do you? She’s never been a JLO about any of her boyfriends either but this seems like it’s new. Which is why I’m thinking that this is pretty serious? More serious than she’s been with anyone, maybe even including Drake? I know. I know that, for some, Rihanna and Drake are the dream. But I feel like it might have to be a later dream. Like a late 30s or even in their 40s dream. For now though, Rihanna and Drake are cold. For now, it’s looking like Hassan is going to be here for a while.