Rihanna has had a close relationship with Dior for many years now but she doesn’t show up to every Dior presentation so when she does decide to attend, it’s obviously a big deal. She is the VIP.


The house knows that it has been blessed. And they’re boasting about it – check out the caption on this IG post.


Of course she “sparked a frenzy”. And not just with the media but for other celebrities too. Glenn Close is a fangirl! 

Also this moment between RiRi and Natalie Portman. Rihanna is telling Natalie about herself. And Natalie is reacting as anyone would, celebrity or civilian. She is beside herself with joy. To be admired by RIHANNA? On camera? With witnesses? Natalie’s reaction is pretty f-cking adorable. 


Can we talk about this fit though? On Rihanna, this is recognisably Dior, a classic Dior silhouette. But Rihanna is always going to make it her own. And it’s as simple as adding a ballcap plus a pair of leather gloves, which pushes the sleeves up and giving the jacket a bomber vibe. This is why there’s really no one else like Rihanna when it comes to style. Her instincts are incredible. 


And she took those instincts out for a ride when she for dinner last night in a Loewe menswear leather coat…SO GOOD … 

… and also a little throwback to herself because you’ll recall, just over a year ago she performed at her Super Bowl in red custom Loewe that was released as a special edition to the public last fall and sold out, not surprisingly, in an hour. 


As for the others at Dior – I really like Elizabeth Debicki’s off-the-shoulder white shirt. 

And Han So Hee is gorgeous in this moody black and grey coat. Zoom in on her makeup here – this is what I’ve been saying about the high blush and around the eyes instead of how blush is favoured in the west which is lower, on the apples of the cheeks and diagonally brushed towards the brows. Looks so much better, in my opinion, on Asian faces. 


Finally, Anya Taylor-Joy, in red Dior with black boots. As I have said before, ATJ + Dior are fine, but it just hasn’t been the same level of excitement as when she was working with Law Roach. 

But also, Rihanna is always the main event.