Kathleen here, handling What Else for Lainey today because she’s busy interviewing Elvis Stojko. And by “interviewing” I mean she’s fangirling HARD. We almost had to bring security in when she interviewed him on The Social today. 

This is why we stan. Rihanna found out that Donald Trump had the caucacity to play “Don’t Stop The Music” at one of his campaign rallies, or as Rihanna calls them, “one of those tragic rallies” and she shamed him for it. Legally, she might not be able to do anything about the use of the song but she did endorse Floridian candidate Andrew Gillum, who’s basically Trump’s worst nightmare.  Again, THIS is why we stan. (Dlisted) 

As a brand new Mocha Grande, there are things about Ariana Grande that used to bug me that I now find endearing, like her ponytail. Now that I know her scalp is in “constant pain” I think it’s pretty badass. I completely understand suffering for a LEWK. I had my hair in cornrows or single braids consistently for the first half of my life. I’ve SUFFERED. Camila Cabello can’t handle the suffering. (Jezebel)
I LOVE hearing stories about The Roles That Got Away – the movies actors auditioned for but didn’t get – like how Britney Spears could have been Allie in The Notebook. Well, here’s another one: Matthew McConaughey auditioned for Titanic and could have been Jack Dawson instead of Leo DiCaprio. As we know, this is the role that catapulted Leo’s career. Is there an alternate universe out there where 100 per cent more “alrights” made it into Titanic and Leo isn’t famous? Do you want to live in that universe?  (Just Jared)
Have you read Jasmine Guillory’s The Wedding Date yet? If your answer to that question was yes, let me hit you with another one: have you read her follow-up The Proposal yet? It’s been out for a week and I’ve read it twice. I’ve been dying for an excuse to bring it up. My excuse is that Doria Ragland may be spending Christmas in Sandringham with the Queen and thanks to this tweet, Jasmine has volunteered to write a “charming romance about the single mother of a new Duchess falling in love with an appropriately aged royal retainer.” YES, PLEASE.  (Cele|bitchy) 

I mention often that I miss the Black Panther press tour. One of the main things I miss is seeing Lupita Nyong’o on a red carpet. She rarely disappoints. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Noah Centineo is set to star in new movie about a valet driver who stumbles into a government mission… and also falls in love. It’s an “action love story” called Valet. It sounds terrible and I’m going to watch the sh-t out of it. Can they hurry up and make the sequel to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before though? And can Hollywood hurry up and give Lana Condor some action love stories to star in too? (The Hollywood Reporter)