Rihanna stepped out the other night to support A$AP Rocky when he performed at ComplexCon in Long Beach. Rocky is marking the tenth anniversary of his mixtape, Live.Love.A$AP and gave the crowd a run-through of the tracklist and styled himself in the fashion of his back-then. As you can see, RiRi was into it. As you can also see, dressed in all-red, with those new amazing braids, RiRi wasn’t there to blend in: 


Rihanna and Rocky went out for dinner afterwards with friends. Where? Giorgi Baldi, of course – it’s her favourite restaurant. And they appreciate her business there so much they stay open for her. I don’t know exactly what time it was that they were there but it was late (he was coming from a concert, after all) and this is one of the classic celebrity flexes, when a restaurant closes its doors to everyone else but keeps the kitchen going for you. It’s also the ultimate indulgent, a super late dinner. I haven’t had the pleasure in a long time, but a full meal after midnight is pretty f-cking special. I imagine that this is just Rihanna’s life. For the rest of us, you can’t do it too often as you get older, but then again celebrities don’t really have concerns about getting up early and f-cking up digestion. 


Anyway, about Rihanna’s monochrome outfit – it’s a Maximillian top over a red leather skirt and a Vetements jacket with strappy heels and a bag, all in red. I just posted about Blake Lively in all red last night at the Empire State Building and we’ll be seeing more of this because red on red on red is going to be the look of the season, not just the holiday season coming up, but through early 2022 too. It’s the hot colour of the moment.