I can’t with this baby, he is so cute. And I know, I know, we’re supposed to have some feelings about babies wearing designer clothing and the wealth-flaunt from the one percenters but I am incapable of complaining right now because he just looks so adorable in this velvet Fendi bomber that almost no one can afford. 


And then, of course, there’s Rihanna’s fit. The jacket, the skirt, the boots, the makeup, the hair – all of it is excellent. But I do have a note on the hair because she’s wearing it up, and this is smart. You see those metal studs all over her coat? I wore a coat with similar studs on it the other day and had my hair down and it got caught in all that hardware, must have pulled or broke at least 50 strands. That’s a PSA for anyone out there thinking of buying a similar style: when you wear it, make sure your hair is out of the way because otherwise you’ll lose it. 

Going back to Fendi now, and not just how cute the baby looks in it – Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi was the longest collaboration in fashion history. It was a 50+ year partnership. Half a century!

As mentioned earlier this week when I posted about Rihanna, she was seen in a vintage Fendi coat while out for dinner in Paris. Now her baby is repping Fendi. And Karl Lagerfeld is the theme of this year’s Met Gala which is happening in a week and a half. 


There’s been no confirmation whether or not Rihanna will be going…but is this yet another sign that she’s been going through the Fendi archives and will indeed be there on Monday, May 1?