Rihanna was reportedly at a photo shoot yesterday. According to the paps, she arrived to the studio at 7pm and was done at 7am, so a 12-hour day – or, rather, a 12-hour night? These are rockstar hours. These are Rihanna hours. These have always been her hours. And she’s not the only one.


 There are many artists who prefer to live and work after the sun goes down. Mariah Carey is another. Mimi famously doesn’t get up until most people are prepping to get off work. I was once scheduled for an interview with her at 4am ET/1am PT. When our producers asked me whether or not I’d be willing to do it, my answer was, “F-ck yes, obviously”. It didn’t end up happening because she cancelled the junket altogether but I’m pretty sure every reporter who was potentially lined up for it had the same reaction. It’s a story unto itself. 

Rihanna had her baby with her for the shoot so he’s starting his rockstar life early. RiRi and Rocky’s son is about six weeks from his first birthday, so it’s almost been a year… and they’ve managed to keep his name a secret. No leaks whatsoever. Slightly less precious with the photos now after the Vogue photo shoot, and she’s shared a couple of videos and pictures of him on TikTok and Instagram, but the name remains locked down. I imagine it’ll be the same when her second child arrives. 


But let’s go back to the work, and the photo shoot – because never a day goes by when she’s not being harassed by her fans about new music. Last week she posted about Fenty Beauty’s new mascara and in her mentions they were all about the album and the tour. 


I agree with the OTHER comments though about not using fake lashes to sell mascara because what’s the point? I appreciate that Rihanna’s natural lashes aren’t all that long, because I don’t have very many eyelashes and they’re short. You know what’s changed my life recently though? Up until like a month ago, I’ve always hated fake strip lashes because they never fit my lash line, not even when they were cut. First of all, they’re so f-cking uncomfortable, but I only just realised that they were uncomfortable because they weren’t actually bending to my eye shape, so no amount of glue could get the lashes to sit right. 

The reason? Most fake eyelash strips in the western market are not made for my particular Asian eye shape. Duh. I don’t know why it took me this long to figure it out. Anyway, if you’re in the same position, look for lashes online that are for Asian eyes. I am obsessed with them now, wearing fake eyelashes more than ever. 

Anyway, to go back to Rihanna – is this photo shoot about music…or is it about either her makeup/skincare line or Savage X Fenty. I mean, the smart money is NOT on the music, right?