Rihanna went out for dinner to Giorgio Baldi – again, as usual, always – the other night, continuing to change the maternity fashion game, but the focus wasn’t actually on her outfit, although it’s an amazing outfit, another example of her bomb non-pregnancy pregnancy style. A couple of days before, Rihanna was seen with a big ring on her finger, that finger, so there was speculation that maybe, now that they’re expecting, she and A$AP Rocky are officially engaged. 


So the paps asked her about it. And this was the response: 

I don’t know that that’s a real answer but I do like that she entertained it. That we all know where she goes for dinner almost every night and the paps are always waiting for her, and she’s not only always serving looks and therefore feeding them when she feeds herself but that once in a while, she’ll even give them some dessert – a bonus, a seemingly offhand comment that’s funny and cute and still mysterious. “This old ring?” 


And now we have another outfit to enjoy, perhaps the most “regular person” pregnant outfit Rihanna has worn through her pregnancy: a loose dress with sneakers! OK maybe it’s not that “regular” because that dress looks expensive (it is!)  and it’s not like she just threw on something baggy and walked out the door. The accessories are still accounted for and the makeup is on point, so like all the other looks we’ve seen from RiRi, this is a proper look, too.

Rihanna posted a selfie on IG stories the other day that she’s “preggo AF”. Baby in April then? Or can it really be my fantasy and she gives birth at the Met Gala?