Dear Gossips, 

Rihanna covers the new issue of Vogue Italia. There’s no magazine in the world that wouldn’t want Rihanna on their cover – and it’s not like Rihanna hasn’t covered an issue of Vogue before, but there is a special distinction with this cover:


And then there’s the cover itself – it’s the “Do It Yourself” issue so, naturally, she did it herself: 


As in photography, styling, and project direction. Which, obviously, makes all the sense. Because Rihanna is a fashion empire now. Rihanna has proved her fashion credentials. Rihanna has GREAT taste – and we can see it on display. I LOVE the second cover photo, shooting her in motion from the back to properly showcase everything that’s going on with this outfit: 


And the bandana here is a great touch too:

Rihanna by Rihanna is the way forward, right? “By Rihanna” everyone. Imagine being styled by Rihanna? I mean, obviously, Rihanna isn’t here to just style anyone. But I feel like everyone would want it, non? 

Yours in gossip,