Dear Gossips,   

The site was supposed to be fully operational today as we return from our Thanksgiving holiday break here in Canada but I’m a clumsy f-ck and I just let a steel door slam shut on the back of my foot and now I have to sort my sh-t out. 


Anyway I had intended to write about Rihanna in this space because she’s back on Instagram. Her first post on IG after having the baby was confirming she’d be headlining the Super Bowl halftime show. Now she’s posted again – promoting Savage x Fenty’s loungewear line: 


So she’s back, right? It’s mid-October, the Super Bowl is still a few months away…but the big question is whether or not Rihanna’s Super Bowl appearance is in support of new music. Or if the jokes that people were making about what she’d be doing at the Super Bowl will come true.


Right now though, a hoodie and some booty shorts looks real good. Not the way RiRi is giving it in this video though but, like, getting into bed and elevating my foot. 

We’ve got a post from Sarah coming up about Keanu Reeves and Celebrity Social Media will come later but I’m hobbled for the day – will be back tomorrow!

Yours in gossip,