Last month, Rihanna released the first drop from her own fashion house – HER OWN FASHION HOUSE – Fenty Maison. Exactly a month later, the second drop has arrived. As promised, Fenty’s operating on a non-traditional direct-to-consumer model that isn’t dependent on seasons, not unlike artists and singles. 

The new pieces, called “Release 6-19”, are clearly for summertime, summer travel, hot weather, steamy nights. The collection is more accessible than the inaugural “Release 5-19” which was edgy and structured and oversized. This time Rihanna’s giving us another side of herself – the clothes are clingy and light, sexy, short, tight. I prefer 5-19. You might prefer 6-19. That’s what’s so smart about this rollout. You don’t have to wait too long even if the clothes this time around aren’t your jam. 

Oh and by the way, Rihanna was the photographer for this drop: 


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Only she would approve a shot like this – and that’s a compliment:


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These are the tone decisions that are meant to set Fenty apart from other luxury brands. 

In other Rihanna news, she was in New York yesterday, photographed heading to Late Night with Seth Meyers. This tartan jumpsuit though. OMG.

Here’s what she and Seth were shooting: 

PERFECT segment for her. PERFECT. I can’t wait to watch this – Day Drinking with Rihanna and Seth airs tonight.