Rihanna fans love Rihanna makeup and clothing and all the other products in her empire. But Rihanna fans, above all else, want Rihanna music. In January it’ll be five years since the release of ANTI, the best album of her career. And it’s not like all her other albums were sh-t. But ANTI was… Rihanna at the top of her game. Rihanna pushing Rihanna to her most excellent creative space. 

Which is another reason why everyone is so thirsty for her to come out with new music – we all want to know what’s next, we all want to hear what’s next. 


And over the year, she’s vacillated between “it’s coming” to “be patient” to “leave me alone, you’ll get it when you get it” to “Navy, I’m taking my time to get it exactly right”. 

Here are some new shots of Rihanna in LA, where she’s been for several weeks now since before the Savage x Fenty fashion show. According to the paps, she was shooting a music video. 

Um, what music video? Her own? Someone else’s? 

What’s happening? Is something happening? Is the album finally ready? If so, is this is a sign of the aesthetic? This pyjama-style set, long straight hair, and a bold red lip? And when? Like if we are legit looking at a Rihanna release, are we talking 2020? Or is this a 2021 thing? 

Look. We just went through this with Adele, with people trying to rumour every couple of months or so that Adele’s album is dropping any time – and that’s not happening until next year, at least. Are we doing this again with Rihanna? Or there really something here?