We have so many superstitions in Chinese culture, even around our underwear. Here’s an example – when Jacek and I got married, my ma kept telling me that I should buy his underwear. Something something good luck something something. There’s a lot I have to remember about feng shui and Chinese zodiac etc (for example, it’s my birthday coming up so I have a phone session with ma planned for tonight during which she will download to be all the critical information I’m going to need for the year ahead) so I retain what is necessary and just do the rest without committing the specific details about why to memory. This is a problem for Duana because if there’s anyone who follows up a “why?” with another “why?”, it’s Duana. “BUT WHY?” are the two most common words that come out of her mouth. I forget, Duana. I just buy the underwear and trust that the good luck will follow, can’t you just roll with that?!


My point – I know about men’s underwear and several times a year I’m trying out new men’s underwear options because Jacek was loyal to one specific style by a certain popular underwear manufacturer and they discontinued the line in 2013; he’s now down to his last two pairs of that specific underwear brand and none of the others I’ve bought him since have been able to replace them in his heart. 

Rihanna, however, may have just solved this problem. 

Savage x Fenty is launching its first menswear collection (dropping October 2) and it features fat-band boxers and boxer briefs. She collaborated with Christian Combs, son of Sean Puffy Diddy, in the design and he models several of the pieces here at GQ.com. We’ve seen what Rihanna’s done for makeup, and streetwear, and shoes, and women’s lingerie. So I’m fully expecting that she will deliver the same results for men’s underwear. This is what Jacek is getting for Christmas.

And for Rihanna…

Isn’t that another flex?!


To have her name flashing out from above a belt and below the abs? Or when a dude bends over? “Savage x Fenty” fat-banded on top of a pair of jeans, or joggers. The next time a man reaches above you to put something in the overhead compartment (whenever it is that we go on airplanes again), or holds onto the upper bar on the subway, “Savage x Fenty” will be right in your eyeline. That’s the G-rated version of when you might be seeing it and I’m already turned on thinking about what a baller branding move this is. It’s such a pedestrian thing now but think about it. We see men’s underwear labels ALL THE TIME.

Rihanna is currently in LA prepping the upcoming Savage x Fenty new collection presentation. The event will stream on Amazon Prime on October 2. The Instagram account was scrubbed four days ago and replaced with a series of these messages:

Be ready!

And to the men out there reading this, YES, wearing Rihanna underwear will make you more attractive.