Dear Gossips,

Between Two Ferns: The Movie just dropped on Netflix today. That’s probably what I’m doing tomorrow night. Ahead of the release of the movie, Vulture ranked all 22 episodes and I mostly agree with everything until the Top 3. To me, Brad Lee Cooper should be in top spot. The first time. This, is some of Coop’s best acting, I’m not kidding. Like I totally believe his feelings are hurt. And the end always kills me, when they finish slapping at each other and sit back on their chairs, super awkward. 

Other plans: watching Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show on Prime Video. Saving it for later today, a reward for the end of the week. Rihanna has taken the Victoria’s Secret game and elevated it beyond what they would ever be capable of conceiving. There’s really no more need for Victoria’s Secret to do this anymore unless it’s a private production for Leonardo DiCaprio and friends. Here’s the “Rihanna Revolution” on Good Morning America today. 

And here’s how the show opens, just in case you doubted. Warning… it will make you miss her on stage:

In other Rihanna news, she was in Seoul this week and God, her hair, her makeup, this white suit, she just doesn’t stop. 


Another reason to freak out? OMG Rihanna and Jennie from BLACKPINK. Jennie, as anyone would, looked like she was getting her life.  


Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,