Duana and I loved Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Daisy Jones & The Six …hard. We wrote it about it on the site, we talked about it on Show Your Work, and we even talked to Taylor about it on the podcast. That was back in 2019 and at the time, even though the book had just come out, Reese Witherspoon had already secured the rights to turn the story into a series for Amazon. 


So here are Riley Keough, who is playing Daisy Jones, and Suki Waterhouse, who is playing Karen, filming in LA this weekend. Set in the 70s, the costumes for this show were already going to be a story even before we actually saw them and now that we have a glimpse, it is exactly what we were expecting. Riley’s got Daisy’s look down. But I’m most interested in Suki… 

Suki has been in film and television projects before but this, to me, is her most significant role. If you’ve read the book, you know, yes, of course, Daisy is the main event, but Karen is a really important character, independent of the Daisy narrative, and without spoiling what happens in case you haven’t read it, she makes some pretty big decisions that would have been considered radical in her time and still relevant, really f-cking relevant, in today’s time. Karen is someone who may have been short-shrifted had Daisy Jones & The Six been turned into a film. Now that it’s a series though, there should be enough time on the show to fully explore Karen and her role, both as one of the few female musicians in the male-dominated rock band world, and as a woman in 70s society who is balancing her career with her personal life and the choices she makes in service of both. 

So my point is – this is a meaty part for Suki, it’s probably the part that I care most about right now, and it’s a part that will very likely generate a lot of critical discussion and think-pieces, given our current realities. Since Suki’s been cast in this role then, she might end up being the biggest surprise of the series.