Science Bros and Strange Fellows

Sarah Posted by Sarah at June 22, 2017 15:27:00 June 22, 2017 15:27:00

Filming for Avengers: Infinity War—and whatever the hell they decide to call Avengers 4—continues in Atlanta. Yesterday, RDJ posted a photo on Twitter that gives us our first look at Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong, as Doctor Strange and Wong, respectively, revamped for the Avengers. And human fluffy cloud Mark Ruffalo is there, too. So it’s the Science Bros and the Strange Fellows, and RDJ also added #beardbros, which has to be a reference to this:

Please let that line appear in the movie. (Not pictured here or anywhere: Chris Evans. Presumably, they’re holding off on Cap’s new look for the fan conventions next month. There’s a corner of the internet that will be VERY into it. Two words: Lumber Cap.) Also, is that an arc reactor hole in RDJ’s shirt? Is Tony having heart problems? I can hear Lainey hyperventilating from here.

Which is not entirely uncommon when it comes to the mammoth Avengers 3/4 shoot—it’s a stressful production. Big budget movies always carry stress, and Marvel has certainly weathered their share of storms (see also: Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron). They’re not unfamiliar with big productions with a lot on the line. But this production is just. So. HUGE. I’ve heard things are not running quite as smoothly as they have in the past—directors Joe and Anthony Russo did the second and third Captain America movies, so it’s not like the process was mysterious to them, or Marvel, and no one knew what to expect once on set. It just sounds like they bit off A LOT and are having some difficulty chewing. Honestly, I was more worried but then Han Solo imploded and it’s like, it’s not that bad. But worth keeping an eye on, maybe.

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