A new Robert Pattinson interview has dropped. I enjoy his interviews immensely, especially if you just assume at least 50% of anything RPattz says on the record is bullsh-t. He talks nonsense for fun and profit. Though, in this interview, he does talk about the insidiousness of calorie counting and fad dieting, which is interesting coming from a dude, but it’s also evidence of how superheroes in pop culture have increased image toxicity for men. (DListed)


Jennifer Coolidge is too cool for social media. (Popsugar)

Sarah Michelle Gellar is OUT and ABOUT, she is DOING THINGS, and she is BUSY. She has a new TV show premiering, Wolf Pack on Paramount+. It looks like a Yellowjackets knock-off, but I want only good things for my forever queen, SMG. Also, she and Freddie Prinze, Jr. are lowkey THE celebrity couple to beat. Teen idols still going strong! (Go Fug Yourself)

Surprising only the British media, Spare is a huge hit. Penguin Random House is printing money as we speak. (Celebitchy)

I am invested in the TJ Holmes/Amy Robach affair drama like Marie Kondo is invested in a dirty house. I love mess, and this is a MESS. Following the latest revelation that Holmes (allegedly) boned an intern in the office, ABC still hasn’t decided what to do with their messy morning anchors. Give them their own show! Duh! Let the mess spread until it consumes us all! Why is this hard! (Page Six)