Robert Pattinson was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night ahead of the release of The Batman on March 4. This is a huge movie, the anticipation is extreme, which means this will be the most aggressive press tour Robert’s done in a long time. 


As we know, though, where RP and press is concerned, it can sometimes get… mendacious. There’s my word of the day. He’s good for at least one crazy story for every movie and he may have hit that already with Kimmel when they were talking about the Batman costume and how he tried on all the previous ones worn by the actors who’ve played Batman and talked about how Warner Bros keeps them in a vault and when they come out they’re accompanied by assistants dressed like Robin. It’s obvious that this wasn’t meant to be taken seriously but it is evidence that his playful deceit and imagination have been activated. 

There’s another story he tells about his Batman research and at one point he was googling how bats fight and came across a video of a fight between a bat and a chicken that ended with the bat doing assplay with the chicken and him sending this as an idea to Matt Reeves. The thing about Robert Pattinson is that yes, he’s been known to just make sh-t up, but he’s also obsessive about being “different” and leans in hard to bringing out the freak in every character performance so this is exactly the kind of thing that I can actually see him using as inspiration, in a slightly less eye-rolly way than Jared Leto.


Towards the end of the interview, Kimmel actually calls him out on the lies when he asks him where he lives. “You’re not confused, you lie about it each time.” Robert once told Jimmy that he lived under a bridge and this time the answer isn’t an answer but it is more straightforward. 

And there’s some gossip here too. Suki Waterhouse comes up, not by name but when RP refers to her as “my girlfriend” when he’s talking to Jimmy about screening the movie for the first time three days prior. Suki was with him and it surprised him that she got emotional during the movie. He wasn’t talking about their relationship necessarily but he also doesn’t often bring up his “girlfriend” during interviews and so casually too, which is what stood out to me. The fact that he didn’t call her by her name, though, probably stood out for the Robsten truthers, though, for an entirely different reason. Because his girlfriend isn’t Suki, OK? It’s Kristen Stewart, the mother of their two secret children!

One more thing, which is a little bit of inside celebrity baseball. Near the beginning of the interview, when Rob is talking about wanting to play Batman, he recalls a meeting he had with one of the movie’s producers well before he was cast. Before the meeting, he went to check out the producer’s IMDb page, which is when he noticed that he was involved with Batman. It’s a resource for the industry, like they’re all Googling each other too.