Dear Gossips, 

Alanis Morissette was supposed to perform with Olivia Rodrigo at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony this past Saturday to honour Carly Simon. She was at rehearsal on Friday but was not on stage on Saturday night for the live taping; Olivia ended up performing alone. 


Yesterday she explained on Instagram why she did not end up participating:


So she took herself out of an “environment that reduces women”. And while she did not specify what, exactly, happened (she doesn’t have to), many interpret that she was calling out the Hall of Fame production team for sexism. 

And how do you think they responded to her? 

With sexism, of course.

According to Variety

“There are differing accounts behind the scenes of just what went wrong during the rehearsal, though, as multiple sources are contending, for their part, that Morissette “struggled with the song” during a run-through, leading to the discord and ultimate walkout.”


So… they’re countering her claims of sexism … by doing a sexism. Classic!

And this one really is a classic. Alanis is an artist who’s been in the business for decades, who has achieved success by every conventional measure (the Hall of Fame, after all, is an institution of traditions) and who has survived by the business on her own terms, is telling them about themselves. They, in turn, are basically saying she couldn’t do her job. She “struggled with the song” is a euphemism for “she couldn’t cut it”. 

Well if that didn’t just prove her point. 

Yours in gossip,