Here’s Charlie Hunnam on the set of Jungleland in Massachusetts. He’s costarring with Jack O’Connell who plays a boxer looking for one last fight and Charlie’s his brother and my immediate thought, and yours probably, is that that storyline reminds of me The Fighter, with Marky Mark and Christian Bale. And, well, Charlie’s been giving me Christian Bale vibes from this shoot. 

Charlie’s previous film, Papillon, was just released last month. It’s basically about a prison break. Didn’t really make much of an impact.  He’s also in Sam Taylor-Johnson’s A Million Little Pieces adaptation which is world premiering at TIFF in a few days. Am wondering if he’ll make it to the festival given his production schedule on Jungleland. And it was just announced today that he’ll be in the upcoming True History of The Kelly Gang with Russell Crowe and Nicholas Hoult “based on Peter Carey’s Booker Prize-winning novel of the same title, about notorious bushranger Ned Kelly (MacKay), one of the world’s greatest outlaws, and the colonial badlands from which he rose. The film will be wrapping principal photography on September 8”. 

That’s in two days. So I guess they’re only announcing his participation after the work has been delivered. Whatever. The timing isn’t my point. My point is, with the exception of the projects he does (and doesn’t) with Sam Taylor-Johnson, all the outlaws, badlands, gangs, prison, fighter stories he picks, Charlie is always in movies about rugged men being rugged. I am bored. Tom Hardy also gives me the same feeling. What does it say about his choices that Sam’s the director who seems to take him outside of that box?