The cast of Netflix’s The Gray Man is still out on promotion – here are Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, and Regé-Jean Page in Berlin promoting the movie. As you can see, Chris is still trying to break t-shirts with his arms but even those biceps can’t take away from the style that Ryan continues to serve on this press tour. 


With this red jacket and the tie and the white socks, he’s either the lead singer of a lounge band or the concierge at a Wes Anderson hotel. And somehow…it works, I’m digging it. As I’ve been saying, Ryan Gosling likes clothes. He’s not just here to call it a day in a black suit – if he’s going to show up, you are going to SEE him and enjoy the style. 

And it’s not only on the red carpet. He had on a pretty great sweater for the junket too… although his fit was actually secondary to his Canadian commentary when our Liz Trinnear interviewed him for etalk. Liz, like Ryan, is from London, Ontario. So she brought him gifts specific to their hometown, and a couple of snacks that most Canadians appreciate: chips and chocolate. 

The chip flavour from Canada that typically dominates the conversation is ketchup. Yes, world, and particularly America, we have ketchup chips here – and they are f-cking amazing. But we also have all-dressed chips, and they too are f-cking amazing. I just crushed a whole giant bag of all-dressed on my own this weekend. Liz gave Ryan a bag of all-dressed, and he was grateful….because evidently he’s been talking about all-dressed chips with Margot Robbie on the set of Barbie. 


Also Coffee Crisp. Americans, I don’t think I was aware that you can’t get Coffee Crisp in the United States so if you’re on your way here at some point and you’ve never had the pleasure, make it a point to try it. Coffee Crisp is the sh-t. At Halloween, Coffee Crisp comes in mini size and when you crush it and sprinkle it on top of vanilla ice cream, your life instantly improves.