The Fall Guy opens wide this weekend. The reviews so far have been largely positive, Sarah saw it last night and she’ll be posting hers here on Friday. The Fall Guy is a love letter to stunt performers and Ryan Gosling plays one in the movie. 


At the premiere last night, they did pull off a few stunts. First the kind of stunt you would expect: 

Seeing this makes me wonder what Tom Cruise is going to do to top it, lol. 


There was another stunt though – but not a car chase, not a free-dive, nobody jumped a motorcycle over the red carpet, although I’m sure Tom Cruise has proposed doing that at some point over the years. Anyway the stunt was this: 


And they stayed in character as they made their way down the press line: 

The SNL Beavis and Butt-Head sketch is probably the most popular SNL sketch of the season, and is already considered an all-timer. It’s been watched millions and millions of times. It’s the reason why that episode became SNL’s highest rated in three years. Even the people who bitch week after week that “SNL hasn’t been funny in years” temporarily found a hole to fall through that week because Ryan’s episode was so undeniably strong. 


So, since he’s so game for this kind of thing these days, since he’s become so good at promotion, he and Mikey Day brought Beavis and Butt-Head, aka Dean and Jeff, to Hollywood to generate even more hype for The Fall Guy. And for Ryan, it was a stunt because there was the added complication of turning around his costume since, as you saw above, he actually showed up first to the premiere as himself, in a mint green suit.

No problem for Louie Zakarian, the makeup artist and department head of SNL who produced Ryan and Mikey Day’s transformation on the show and who flew out specifically to the premiere for this reason. Can we appreciate the WORK of Louie and his team though? They do this every week the show is live – in, like, no time. Mere minutes! 


They weren’t under the gun yesterday at the premiere because it’s not a live TV show so for Louie it probably felt like he was a time millionaire. 

As for the sketch itself, apparently they’d been holding the idea for about five seasons and it wasn’t quite right for anyone else until, of course, Ryan Gosling returned to 8H. It was written by SNL co-head writer Streeter Seidell and Mikey Day who, by the way, also co-wrote the other best sketch this season from last fall, when Nate Bargatze hosted. “Washington’s Dream”, the one about the weights and measures. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times and it’s never not funny. Both are below.