Ryan Gosling is one of those celebrities who can go to ground when he wants, but he’s currently making a high-profile movie, Barbie, and releasing a high-profile movie, The Gray Man, so he’s more visible right now than he is during one of his work-droughts. Here he is over the weekend, rocking double denim at the grocery store. The wire service specifically notes he wore a jean jacket in 100-degree weather (Fahrenheit. That’s, I don’t know, 17 degrees Celsius). On the one hand, I DID have an impulse to google “Los Angeles weather” because I recall July in LA is VERY hot, but on the other hand, style bows to NO man or god, not even the sun god, Ra.


Double denim, or the “Canadian tuxedo”, is one of Gosling’s favorite looks. Here he is in Drive sporting a Canuck tux, and here he is going about life in a denim shirt and jeans. I don’t think that counts as a Canadian tuxedo, but it’s still double denim. And, of course, here is Ryan Gosling turning Ken into a double denim legend:

Double denim is one of Ryan Gosling’s signature lewks. He will wear it come rain, shine, or snow. Or 100-degree heat, he will NOT be deterred. His total commitment to double denim says fashion is temporary, style is permanent.