I just gloated about this during our morning meeting at The Social – the BTS fanbase, aka ARMY, is so desirable to marketers that even the Barbie press tour is trying to engage them. And that’s why Ryan Gosling is trying to talk to Jimin. 


This, as you can imagine, was noisy on social media. Because, of course, BTS and ARMY have such a big digital presence but also because… it’s Ryan. We’ve had a lot of Ryan these last couple of months with all the Barbie promotion but generally he’s pretty low profile. When he does give profile he’s not known for being the thirsty type and trying to go viral all the time. 

This, though? It’s a blatant attempt to go viral – and he was obviously willing. Or, rather, Ken was willing? I guess this is Ryan going full method and doing as Ken does, reach out to one of the biggest popstars in the world so that more people will go see his movie. 

Would this have been scripted for him? Sure. Would Ryan have had no idea what he was actually saying? There are actors who will just parrot what’s put in front of them…but that’s not really his, um, energy, or Kenergy. Also, Ryan Gosling has an eight year old and a seven year old. Even if he doesn’t know about K-pop now, he’s going to find out soon enough. 


And speaking of K-pop, Jungkook was the first K-pop soloist to perform in BBC1 Live Lounge today. He performed his new song, “Seven”, and also Oasis’s “Let There Be Love”. 


I’m sure they appreciated the extra, extra, extra eyeballs today. They’ve been pushing his appearance all over their socials. And check out the crowd that gathered outside studio. 


It was also just announced yesterday that V is now a Cartier ambassador. 

V also reps Celine. He’s the last member of BTS to release solo work – and reportedly that’s coming soon, in September. An album is now anticipated. 

Also yesterday, the New York Times confirmed that Beyond The Story: 10-Year Record of BTS, the oral history of the group written with Kang Myeongseok is #1 on the NYT Bestseller List, an historic achievement. It’s the first book by a Korean author to reach the top.