Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell have been in Boston the last few months shooting their holiday comedy Spirited. Blake Lively was seen on set filming a cameo a couple of weeks ago. She and Ryan are now back in New York and were photographed out for a walk yesterday and Blake put together an outfit that should get good play – a long cardigan over a white and navy checked dress with white boots which are a pair of loafers and a sock attachment but all-in-one, Christian Louboutin.


While I appreciate the imagination in the shoe design, there are better white boots this season – and the reason why this pair isn’t working for me is because I think an actual pair of white loafers, just loafers, with an actual pair of white socks would have looked better. 

Best part of the outfit is the cardigan. I don’t own a long cardigan and have never been interested but lately I’ve been thinking about getting one with a hood. The search begins. 

Anyway, these pap shots of Blake and Ryan are timely because they both have projects to promote, what a coincidence. Blake just launched Betty Buzz, her non-alcoholic line of sparkling mixers. She’s a bit late to the party but not too late, I don’t think. Over the last few years, hard seltzers have really taken off. You can make as many jokes as you want about White Claw but the fact is, hard seltzer in some circles has completely taken over beer. 


And all this happened just as namebrand soft seltzers were hitting the market. In my circles, Bubly (Michael Buble is the celebrity ambassador) is the most popular brand of soft seltzer, and AHA is pretty common too. It may be a different brand where you’re from but the point is, the soft seltzer market is pretty crowded – and this is what Blake’s Betty Buzz is coming into. That’s not to say it won’t be successful, it just means her name and celebrity are key to giving it a boost. 

As for Ryan, it’s now been 45 days since Free Guy opened in theatres which means it’s available to stream starting today on Disney+. The 45 day window for Free Guy turned out to be a big success – and streaming sales will boost that even more. I might throw my $25 at it after the great reviews it got last month. 

In conclusion then, please enjoy these shots of Ryan and Blake, for no reason whatsoever.