Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn from 13 Reasons Why are a thing. I use “a thing” instead of dating or in a relationship because so far, all we’ve got are photos of the two making out on the side of the street in NYC. TMZ suggests that the PDA means they’ve kept their situation under wraps for a while and now they’re serious enough to go public, like we’ve seen with other celebrity situations, but I’m not going to jump to that conclusion yet.

Brandon Flynn was at an event this summer in June and I heard that people saw him there throughout the day of the show and he was definitely seeing someone else. Word is, Brandon and this other guy were so into each other, multiple people walked in on them kissing and cuddling. This was a few months before Brandon posted an emotional, empowering message on Instagram about the same-sex marriage vote in Australia that many outlets interpreted as his official “coming out.”  It may have been his first public statement but in June, Brandon Flynn was definitely not hiding his sexuality. I wish this didn’t have to be said but it was refreshing that a young actor who plays straight (13 Reason Why’s straight, reformed womanizing jock Justin Foley) on TV so openly and unabashedly making out with his boyfriend in public. Later on that night, Brandon and his date were grinding on the dancefloor like there was no one else in the room for hours. Brandon Flynn is definitely a PDA guy.

Sam Smith, however, has never had a public relationship. Last month, he told Zane Lowe he was “insanely single.” So, considering Brandon was with someone else this summer and Sam was single last month, it’s safe to say this thing is brand new. PEOPLE says they’ve been liking each other’s Instagram photos for a few weeks but I’m not sure that’s an indication of a relationship. Online flirting? For sure. Brandon is 23. Sam is 25. Page Six’s source calls it a “blossoming new romance.”

Do you remember what new love felt like in your early twenties? It was all encompassing. It was make-out-on-the-side-of-the-road-in-West-Village intense. Sam’s latest song is a breakup track. He’s the poster child for melancholy melodies. He’s basically the dude version of Adele. Adele has talked about how hard it is to write songs when she’s happy. What does a happy and in love Sam Smith sound like?

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s let these two cuties make out on sidewalks before we start speculating about the future love songs Sam will inevitably write about Brandon. 

Attached: Sam at the Hand in Hand telethon in NYC last month.