Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn spent Pride weekend apart. PEOPLE is reporting that Sam was in Boston “having a good time” and dancing all night at a club called Candibar on Sunday while Brandon was at the Pride parade in New York with his 13 Reasons Why co-stars.

When Lainey e-mailed me about this story, she speculated that it could mean trouble in PDA paradise for Sam and Brandon.

“I don’t know how the youth code works but in my day? This meant FREE TO F-CK.” 

I don’t exactly know how the dating youth code works in this situation either, even though I’m so young, because I’ve been in a straight relationship for six years and I haven’t been in a club since several Britney Spears’ weaves ago. So, I texted a single gay friend about the same age as Sam and Brandon. He didn’t think there was anything to see here. Sam is on tour so he had to be in Boston. Brandon clearly had plans in NYC with his friends and my friend says that no one would pass up Pride in NY for Boston, no matter how in love they are. 

According to PEOPLE’s source, a dude at the club named Joe Coon, Sam didn’t get sloppy and spent the night with a small group of friends.

“I don’t believe he was drinking…I don’t think people recognized him. I would have thought people would swarm him, but it didn’t happen. The people he was with were trying to prevent people from taking photos/videos.”

Joe also added, “Brandon wasn’t with them.” First of all, mind your own business Joe. Second, if Sam’s friends were trying to make sure no one was taking photos or videos of him, it probably wasn’t a good look. Another friend of mine, Brian, weighed in on this and said that he goes dancing without his fiancé all the time. From afar, it might look like he was cheating on him or that they were broken up but they’re solid. 

Sam and Brandon have been pretty inseparable since they started dating last October. They were last spotted holding hands while shopping in Beverly Hills earlier this month – attached. They’ve been together for less than a year and we know that it was intense in the beginning. Tour schedules can f-ck with relationships, especially something this fresh but I’m not sure if Sam and Brandon’s separate Pride weekends is indicative of anything other than inconvenient scheduling – for Sam.

Brandon looked like he was having a great time at Pride. I’d take this over tagging along with my boyfriend on tour too.  


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